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  Our products consist of veneer from natural logs or burl, parquets or simple pattern plywood and fleece paper. For our veneers, we provide all kinds of sizes with a length of up to 13.80’ and thickness from 0.15mm to 2.2mm. We grade veneers depending on the patterns so that you can choose more easily according to your needs. We can also manufacture simple pattern plywood with the standard size of 4’x 8’ and thickness of 2.7mm. Other than that size, a width of 4’ and length of up to 10’ is also possible. The thickness of the plywood can be altered by changing the thickness of the veneer or the MDF board used. As for our parquet plywood, we have several patterns such as the sunflower, the original flooring pattern and etc. If needed the plywood can be bended for the convenience of construction. We are more than happy to work with you on your ideas of new designs and we will work our best to provide you with the best design possible. Our all-new fleece paper can be made to the size of with 4’x 8’ with a free choice of thickness available. We do also import fleece paper from overseas, when necessary we can also provide them to your satisfaction. Lastly, our company is built on the base of a very experienced forestry products processing team. That’s why we are always confident about our products.

  Other than our products, we can also provide you with the latest information about forestry products and the best service. You can count on Kau Jee to make your ideas and imagination come true.

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